Cowboys From Hell 2013-2014

This site is exclusively for fans of the Dallas Cowboys. This past year was a disappointment to many of us, but ask yourselves in an unbiased manner what the biggest cause was. Do you believe it may have been the decimated linebacker position along with the other injuries i.e. a less than healthy Demarcus Ware. Or do you believe it was the new 4-3 scheme implemented by Kiffin ??

What we DO know is that our offense can put up points,  and Demarco can be counted on for big time play !! Demarco ran for over 1,000 yds. without playing a full season. Tony proved his naysayers wrong by winning 2+ games on last minute scoring drives. Dez is continuing to grow, and Terrance Williams proved to be an excellent addition during Miles hamstring injuries.  We found out Lance Dunbar is an excellent back to spell Demarco, and even Randle can be counted on for at least short spells.

What we couldn’t seem to do was stop ANYONE from scoring on us, which resulted in at least 4 of our 8 losses.  Even so Orton could’ve saved our season if not for the late int. which is generally laid upon Tony.  Even Gavin Escobar proved to be a talent at times  during the season, and Travis Frederick was phenomenal !! Part of the reason Demarco had this year,  and Tony didn’t spend so much time on his now post-surgery back.

So what do we NEED most in this upcoming draft ?? The above topics along with the upcoming draft should be subjects of debate for all the people whom are as fanatical as I am about “Our” beloved Dallas Cowboys !! Please leave your comments here,  and perhaps we may have many things to talk about in the upcoming months, as events  unfold.